living at the intersection of art, science & technology, spirituality and human evolution

Kenn Michael (previously known as Kenny Blank) is a multi-hyphenate that takes the term ‘multi-hyphenate‘ to the next level. As a writer, director, producer, DP, composer, editor, and sound designer, he can singlehandedly take a production from conception to delivery.

Composing and recording music since the age of 4, Kenn developed an addiction to technology and began acting in commercials to fund his habit of buying equipment. Landing acting roles in many national spots (Bubble Yum, Pepsi, Lego, General Mills Foods) and scoring jingles, Kenn bought himself a video camera and taught himself how to shoot, edit and score to picture.

At age twelve Kenn became the youngest member of the Black Filmmakers Foundation, founded by Warrington Hudlin. While filming ‘Boomerang’ starring Eddie Murphy, Warrington and Reginald Hudlin recognized Kenn’s incredible filmmaking abilities and made him the apprentice director for the movie. Michael considers the lessons he learned from the Hudlins to be “invaluable.”

Shortly thereafter, Kenn landed the role of Michael Peterson in the WB Network show “The Parent ‘Hood.” Kenn not only acted but scored 50 episodes of the long-running sitcom.

In 2000, Kenn directed, edited and conceptualized the technology for the performance, in which 5 plasma screens seamlessly interact with NSYNC and their choreography. Kid Rock was quoted calling it, “Technological genius!” Kenn Michael also directed and edited all the visual elements and films for the subsequent 2001 NSYNC Pop odyssey World Tour. His work was projected during the show on the largest concert screen in the world. 40 feet by 27 feet!!!

Kenn’s digital short films have won acclaim around the world for their provocative sci-fi thriller concepts, their technical prowess and their music. As one of the key speakers on the digital filmmaking panel at recent Urbanworld and Acapulco Black film festivals, Kenn’s grasp of digital film technologies amazed audiences. Kenn is now a sought after digital cinema consultant.

A classically trained pianist and talented programmer, he effortlessly melds today’s pop culture sounds into his scores and jingles. Recent music credits include the theme for BET’s hit show ‘Harlem Heights,’ the scores to VH1’s ‘I Hate My 30s’ and MTV’s feature film ‘All You’ve Got.’

In addition to running his own multimedia production company, Kenn is also an in-demand producer/director helming such shows as ‘Trey Songz: My Moment’ and ‘8 Days A Week’ for BET.

In 2013, Kenn is expanding into community building and the technology sector.  He has created MISCISPI, a community that brings artists, scientists, technologists & spiritualists together to discuss and develop the future of the human experience.  With the impending exponential technological advances poised to change what defines us as human beings, there is much to be conscious of and Kenn Michael wants to contribute to the global conversation.