Thinking Different - 1988

Thinking Different

Since 1986 most of my creative endeavors have touched an Apple Computer at some point in the process.

This original video (pre the ‘Think Different’ logo at the end) came from a school project that focused on:

Society and Technology – and my emphasis was on music.

In the video, I talked about the music business, how it affects society from the aspect of consumers and the aspects of those who produce the music. Yep, this sounds a little complex for a 6th grade project. My analysis was not complex, however my demonstration of music technology was.

Soon, I will post the rest of this video where I demonstrate what computer MIDI sequencing was and put a quick version of Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Sweet Child o Mine’ together – complete with playing the drum parts on an electronic drumkit. All in my room. I truly was a pig in slop.

I can’t remember when I pulled this little piece and put the ‘Think Different’ logo behind it – but it was definitely when Apple’s Think Different campaign was in full swing.

The computer was a Mac SE, my 2nd Mac. I was running MOTU Performer. (7 years before I became a Logic man) When I think about how making music on a computer has changed so much since this video (1988), it only makes me think about where things are going to be in 2036.

The Singularity will be close then so things will definitely be interesting indeed! 😉





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